Internet Marketing

SEO is a pool of techniques to be incorporated in your websites to make it get noticed in search engine results. We offer SEO services at affordable rates for any kind of websites. With a talented team of Search Engine Optimizers, we offer on-page, off-page optimization (link building, directory submissions and local yellow pages submissions) and Web Analytics services and help your site to gain visibility and high organic ranks in major search engines.

Our SEO Services Include

Keyword Identification

We identify the highest requested keywords that match your business. In our experience, a high ranking in large numbers of less competitive keywords result in quicker placement and better traffic than an average rank on competitive keywords.

Competitive Analysis We identify the top-ranked sites for your target keywords and reverse-engineer their sites to emulate and eventually surpass their success.

Page Content Optimisation ‘Search engines’ give better placement to those sites containing content relevant to the keywords. We will analyze your site content and recommend changes or additions to improve your site’s ranking.

Search Engine Submission

We submit your pages to all relevant search engines and manage ongoing submission of updated pages.

Inbound Link Development

Today, some search engines use link popularity – the number of links on the Web pointing to your site – to give sites favorable placement. We identify relevant sites to place links in and solicit the links from them.

E-Mail Marketing

E-Commerce business relies on e-Marketing or online marketing for customer acquisition, customer retention and brand awareness. While many of the e-commerce players are investing in television and print advertising, the mainstay of their online business continues to be e-marketing.

Email Marketing for E-commerce

Email marketing is one of the most potential marketing tools available for communicating with people. It is one of the economical means to reach wide range of customers. Need to develop a company newsletter, or refine your design?

We can put it together from concept to print. We have lots of experience writing for both major corporations and smaller businesses. If you don't need help with the writing, that's ok, we can handle just the design and layout.

Whether you need a four-color, two-colour, or one-colour newsletter design, we can help you get the job done on-time and within your budget. If you need your newsletter online, we can output in html format for the web, or pdf.

Design Process for Newsletter

  • Design Phase - Typical first pass newsletter design takes 1-3 business days.
  • Production Phase - Once you approve a newsletter design and, we produce the final piece(s). We provide html proofs.
  • Approval Phase - Once you accept your design, we provide all the artwork to you either on a CD or via e-mail.
  • Sending Phase - All approval emails we can schedule from Mailchimp or Constantact from given time and date.